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Clean Water Environmental has state of the art wastewater treatment, disposal and recycling facilities for hazardous and non-hazardous wastewaters in two strategically situated Ohio locations to meet all your wastewater treatment needs.

We treat diverse streams of wastewater that come to us from chemical plants, refineries, landfills, and manufacturing facilities. Some examples of wastewater we can service are:

  • Machine coolants and process waters
  • Combustible and flammable waters (hazardous or exempt)
  • Caustics and Acids
  • Heavy metals laden waters
  • Waters containing alcohols, glycols, oils, fuels, resins and other organics

Clean Water Environmental uses both tried-and-true process and technological cutting-edge systems to treat your wastewaters. Our goal is to meet regulatory compliance but also deliver environmentally friendly wastewater treatment services for our customers.

Our continuously operating Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) units and chemical batch treatment tanks in Dayton offer the efficiency and flexibility not seen in any other Central Water Treatment (CWT) facility in our region.

Our second-generation Niro Falling Film Evaporator technology in Mansfield leads the way in ultra-efficient, state-of-the-art wastewater treatment. The Niro is recognized by the Ohio EPA as Best Available Technology (BAT) for the reduction (treatment) of industrial wastewaters. The Niro provides maximum dewatering of waste while reusing the evaporated water to heat the next cycle’s incoming water. This reduces the evaporator’s consumption of fossil fuels by over 70%. The result: compliant discharge and super effective removal of contaminates.

By the end of 2019 we’ll have a second evaporator coming online which will double our throughput. And in spring 2020 we plan to add ultrafiltration before sending any liquids through the evaporator, which will improve the efficiency of the evaporator and vastly increase our wastewater treatment capacity.

The Niro Evaporator’s high BTU residuals are currently recycled as a Used Oil Fuel and as a natural gas replacement. Clean Water Environmental used oil fuel is a clean-burning reused petroleum product offered to the asphalt, steel and incineration industries.

The Niro Evaporator’s mid-to-low BTU residuals are currently solidified as a non-hazardous solid in a Subtitle D Landfill, although partnerships are underway to re-use this solid in a new Waste-to-Energy program. The goal is for all concentrate streams that leave our facility to be re-used to achieve full sustainability.

Also, in addressing the dissolved organics in wastewater, we employ the area’s largest and most capable Biological treatment system. This allows us to service wastewater with higher ammonia or organic levels — typically defined as Waters with Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) — before they are discharged. This smart system also recognizes a continuously “trainable” amount of other, specific organic compounds, which can be handled to complete the wastewater treatment process.

Because of the scale of our operation in Dayton, all the treatment systems are covered by a negative air pressure RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer). Our expansive RTO captures all process emissions, heats the pollutants and compounds to 1560°F+ and transforms them into benign CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water vapor. The RTO sets us solidly in place for our continued efforts towards Title 5 permitting. Title 5 permits are a component of the Clean Air Act, which governs the control of air pollutants.


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