Since 1995, Clean Water Environmental has held an RCRA Facility Part B permit to operate a hazardous waste Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF). EPA hazardous wastes, as defined in 40 CFR part 261 and OAC 3745-51, presently permitted for management at the facility are listed below. These permitted wastes are accepted for storage and transferred off-site for fuels blending, incineration, or stabilization. Some transfers are “as is,” in containers while others are bulked up for transport.

Acceptable Waste Codes:

D001, D003, D004, D005, D006, D007, D008, D009, D010, D011, D018, D019, D021, D022, D023, D024, D025, D026, D027, D028, D029, D034, D035, D036, D038, D039, D040, D043;

F001, F002, F003, F004, F005, F037, F038;

K048, K049, K050, K051, K087;

U002, U019, U031, U052, U056, U057, U070, U071, U072, U080, U112, U117, U121, U140, U154, U159, U161, U171, U196, U210, U211, U220, U226, U227, U228, U239.

Waste Acceptance and Processing Criteria

  • The characteristics of the waste must be among those that the facility is permitted to accept.
  • No hazardous waste shipment will be accepted at the facility unless the shipment is accompanied by a hazardous waste manifest which meets the requirement of 40 CFR Part 262.
  • No waste is scheduled for pickup or shipment into the facility without prior analysis (pre-screening) as per our WAP (Waste Analysis and Acceptance Plan Procedures).
  • Incompatible wastes, PCBs, pesticides, explosive, corrosive or reactive wastes are not accepted at this time.

Liquid and solid organic wastes are transferred off-site for processing into energy-efficient, high-Btu combustible fuels for energy recovery. This process provides alternative fuel for cement kiln operations and meets strict federal, state and cement kiln specifications.

Clean Water Environmental delivers regulatory compliance and full accountability, with a focus on using innovative technology to responsibly conserve and re-use resources.

Handling hazardous waste is a complicated business. We’re here to help you with every aspect of a project to be sure it’s done correctly. For example:

  • Proper container care and using the right container for your waste stream’s characteristics are very important. We have resources to help you choose the proper containers, and we can help with labels and shipping papers.
  • Although waste characterization, profiling, labeling and shipping papers are the responsibility of the generator, we have deep expertise in proper procedures and are happy to help you. Our customer service team is ready to offer the support you need.
  • We create either a Certificate of Destruction or a Certificate of Recycling for all hazardous wastes we receive. We can also supply a Certificate of Recycling for used oils and fuels.

Here are a few other unique aspects of our Hazardous Waste Management capabilities:

  • We operate one of the region’s few permitted Central Water Treatment (CWT) facilities capable of managing RCRA Hazardous wastewaters.
  • Both our Dayton and Mansfield locations are permitted for the treatment of Categorical Wastewaters and their discharge.
  • Our Dayton waste facility can store containerized hazardous wastes, per our State of Ohio EPA Hazardous Waste Facility Installation and Operation Permit.

We remind all prospective customers that we are fully insured for transportation and at our treatment facilities by a robust coverage portfolio.

Everything we’ve learned from handling hazardous waste is voluntarily applied throughout our facilities, creating a standard of culture that goes above and beyond regulatory requirements. We like to call this the “highest common denominator.”

Our entire operation, not only the RCRA-permitted areas, operates under our Waste Analysis and Acceptance Plan (WAP) procedures. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at both our Dayton and Mansfield facilities are heavily influenced by hazardous waste procedures. We treat all aspects of our receiving, permitted or not, the same way we treat the most complex material. See our Waste Analysis Plan (WAP).

This extra-step responsibility and stewardship provides customers peace of mind that Clean Water Environmental is your most responsible choice for Hazardous Waste Management solutions.