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Clean Water Environmental LLC has held a RCRA Facility Part B permit to operate a hazardous waste Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) since 1995. EPA hazardous wastes, as defined in 40 CFR part 261 and OAC 3745-51, presently permitted for management at the facility are listed below. These permitted wastes are accepted for storage and transferred off-site for fuels blending, incineration or stabilization. Some transfers are “as is,” in container while others are bulked up for transport.

Acceptable Waste Codes:

D001, D004, D005, D006, D007, D008, D009, D011, D018, D019, D021, D022, D023, D024, D025, D026, D027, D028, D029, D034, D035, D036, D038, D039, D040, D043;

F001, F002, F003, F004, F005, F037, F038;

K048, K049, K050, K051, K087;

U002, U019, U031, U052, U056, U057, U070, U071, U072, U080, U112, U117, U121, U140, U154, U159, U161, U171, U196, U210, U211, U220, U226, U227, U228, U239.

Waste Acceptance and Processing Criteria

  • Incompatible wastes, PCBs, pesticides, explosive, corrosive or reactive wastes are not accepted at this time.
  • No waste is scheduled for pickup or shipment into the facility without prior analysis (pre-screening) as per our WAP.
  • The characteristics of the waste must be among those that the facility is permitted to accept.
  • No hazardous waste shipment will be accepted at the facility unless the shipment is accompanied by a hazardous waste manifest which meets the requirement of 40 CFR Part 262.

Liquid and solid organic wastes are transferred off-site for processing into energy-efficient, high-Btu combustible fuels for energy recovery. This process provides alternative fuel for cement kiln operations and meets strict federal, state and cement kiln specifications.


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