Press Release September 19, 2017

 Effective September 19, 2017, Clean Water Ltd. is now Clean Water Environmental.   
Clean Water Environmental has invested the necessary time and resources to restructure and reinvigorate the legacy operations. As part of this restructuring initiative, new management has been put in place and operational procedures have been audited, assessed and enhanced for improved adherence to compliance regulations.   Clean Water Environmental will continue to provide services that are important to the cradle-to-grave management system for hazardous wastes. Additionally, Clean Water Environmental will focus on expanding service offerings as a true partner to help customers focus on their businesses, while providing peace of mind that their environmental needs are handled professionally.   We are confident that with new ownership, experienced leadership and a renewed commitment to the communities in which we operate, our customers will remain loyal and grow with us. We plan to invest in our communities with new jobs and local support programs, so that Clean Water Environmental can improve our customers’ operations, our employees’ welfare and the overall environment.   
What Does All This Mean? 

  • Stronger Compliance with Local, State and Federal Agencies
  • Enhanced Commitment to Service Excellence
  • Increased Customer Confidence
  • New Investments in our Facilities
  • Better Financial Security
  • Improved Treatment Facility
  • Ability to Create New Jobs
  • Stronger Commitment to our Communities

Do You Have Questions? Please contact Customer Support: Clean Water Environmental PH: 937-268-6501. Please check back soon for more updates!   

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