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For over 80 years, we have reclaimed used oil by means of high-temperature treatment and emulsion breaking. Since the late 1990s, emulsion-breaking chemistry has evolved substantially. CWE employs the most sophisticated treatment methodology combined with the traditional use of heat. We tank certify the product on a batch-by-batch basis and supply our fuel clients with those tank certifications on a per load basis. This gives everyone the peace of mind that our fuel product is good for the air and environment when burned.

Nearly 25 years ago, CWE entered the era of aerobic biological wastewater treatment. Since then, we have been continuously cultivating an ecosystem that has been trained to reduce organic pollutants like ammonia, alcohols, glycols, and other similar compounds. As we move forward, we plan to break new ground with the use of Membrane Batch Reacting (MBR) while continuing to preserve the population in our new Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR).

Pioneering the way in thermal wastewater treatment, both our Dayton and Mansfield facilities are the only Central Wastewater Treatment (CWT) units in North America to utilize thin-film evaporator technology. This process separates water from other dissolved impurities by means of water evaporation into steam – which then shares heat energy back into the system prior to condensation and discharge.

Our Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) captures all process emissions, heats the pollutants and compounds to 1560°F+ and transforms them into benign CO2 and water vapor. The RTO sets us solidly in place for our continued efforts towards Title 5 permitting.

Our continuously operating Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) units and chemical batch treatment tanks offer the efficiency and flexibility not seen in any other Central Water Treatment (CWT) facility in our region. Our advanced Niro Thin Film Evaporator technology leads the way in state-of-the-art water treatment in Mansfield. The result: compliant discharge and super effective removal of contaminates.

Clean Water Environmental delivers regulatory compliance and full accountability, with a renewed focus on innovative technology for responsible resource conservation. Our entire operation, not only the RCRA permitted areas, operates under our Waste Analysis and Acceptance Plan (WAP) procedures.