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Q: What is your permit status?
A: Clean Water Environmental is fully permitted and registered. CWE was issued a U.S. EPA Hazardous Waste Permit in 1995 and has operated within its standards ever since. Our State of Ohio EPA Hazardous Waste Facility Installation and Operation Permit lets us store containerized hazardous wastes at our Dayton waste facility. Both our Dayton and Mansfield locations are permitted for the treatment of Categorical Wastewaters and their discharge.

Q: What does your RCRA permit cover?
A: At our Dayton facility, our RCRA permit covers storage on the permitted pad of containers approximately 330 gallons or less. (Acceptable waste codes are listed here.) Keep in mind that operating SOPs at both our Dayton and Mansfield facilities are heavily influenced by procedures in the Part B Permit. We treat all aspects of our receiving, permitted or not, the same way we treat the most complex material. (See our Waste Analysis Plan (WAP).

Q: Can Clean Water Environmental provide proof of current insurance coverage for transportation and for its treatment facilities?
A: Yes. We are fully insured by Nautilus Insurance Company and Great Divide Insurance Company. Our Commercial Liability protection is $1 million per occurrence with a $2 million General Aggregate. Automotive is $1 million with a $5 million umbrella for Excess Liability.

Q: How many years of experience managing waste does Clean Water Environmental have?
A: CWE’s Dayton facility been recycling oil since its start in 1941. We began treating wastewater by the mid/late 1980’s. We received an interim Permit Part A for Hazardous Waste in 1989. In 1995 the Dayton facility was granted a Part B Permit by the USEPA. For more on the Dayton facility’s ownership and permit history, please click here.

Q: Can Clean Water Environmental provide references on request?
A: Yes. We’re happy to provide you with a list of references.


Partnering with Clean Water Environmental

Q: Is a minimum volume required to do business with Clean Water Environmental?
A: Our roots in industrial waste are still to this day planted firmly in the small to midsize manufacturing base of Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio. Because of this, we’ve grown up with a long client list of small waste generators. We have always specialized in these generators, offering them service and help with their waste challenges that larger industrial generators think nothing of. As a result, we often pick up a couple drums here and 500 gallons, there.  While we can also work very well supporting the million-ton/gallon waste streams, we are thrilled to work with folks who generate small volumes. Our minimum invoicing amount is just $250.

Q: Does Clean Water Environmental help complete the uniform hazardous waste manifest for which I, as the hazardous material generator, am responsible?
A: Yes. Although waste characterization, profiling, labeling and shipping papers are the responsibility of the generator, we love to help with our deep expertise in proper procedures. Our customer service team is ready to offer the support you need.

Q: Do you provide Cradle-to-Grave tracking?
A: Yes. We create either a Certificate of Destruction or a Certificate of Recycling for all hazardous wastes we receive. We can also supply a Certificate of Recycling for used oils and fuels.

Q: Does Clean Water Environmental require I use specific tests or test methods for the hazardous waste determination?
A: A thorough Generator’s Knowledge of the process that generates the waste is the minimum requirement to gain an approval with Clean Water Environmental. Clean Water field team members are happy to visit your facility and review your streams to help determine and increase that Generator’s Knowledge. Then, waste samples, previously run analysis, or our lab’s analysis help make the approval process as fast and accurate as possible.

Q: Does Clean Water Environmental require I use a specific lab for the hazardous waste determination?
A: Any certified lab can be used. Our lab results can be used for wastes going to our facility.

Q: Does Clean Water Environmental any have requirements for specific containers or labeling to make my waste acceptable for pick-up and/or disposal?
A: Yes. We can help with labels and shipping papers. However, proper container care and using the right container for your waste stream’s characteristics is very important. Read Performance Oriented Packaging for more information.

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