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What Are The Various Waste Transportation Options Available For Your Business?
waste transportation

Every year, approximately 7.6 billion tons of industrial waste is generated in the U.S. Most of the waste fails to get disposed of safely and properly.   Regardless of the type of business you work in or manage, you need to determine the waste transportation service that adheres to your business waste disposal needs.   … Read More

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What Are The Various Waste Transportation Options Available For Your Business?
waste transportation

Every year, approximately 7.6 billion tons of industrial waste is generated in the U.S. Most of the waste fails to get disposed of safely and properly.   Regardless of the type of business you work in or manage, you need to determine the waste transportation service that adheres to your business waste disposal needs.   … Read More

What is Water Distillation and How Does It Work?
Water Distillation

Water distillation is a water treatment method whose purpose is to purify water in an effective, fast, and inexpensive way. For simple distillation only two things are needed: a condenser and a heat source. Water has a lower boiling point than the minerals and contaminants within it, so if you boil untreated water, the water … Read More

Advantages of Having a Waste Management Plan for Your Business
Waste management

Reduce / Reuse / Recycle has become a slogan for most businesses. This mantra highlights the increased impact of waste on the global environment. Some estimates suggest that the world’s trash pile will grow by 70% by the year 2050, and every aspect of how we manage our waste comes under increased scrutiny.   From our … Read More

Essential Safety Measures to Dispose of Oily Waste
used oil recycling

Water pollution contributes to approximately 16 percent of all pollution incidents every year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the most commonly reported type of water pollution is oil pollution. It severely impacts both humans and the environment. When oil enters bodies of water or soil, it harms animals, plants, and humans by contaminating … Read More

Learn About Hazardous Waste Recycling and Its Benefits
Hazardous waste

Each year about 60 kg (132 lb.) of hazardous waste is produced by a person globally, and the amount is increasing slowly. There has been a 40,000% increase in the production of man-made chemicals from 1 million to 400 million tons in just one generation.   Hazardous waste is likely to pose serious threats to … Read More

CWE is Hiring for Process Engineer & Mechanical Engineer Positions
CWE Jobs

Clean Water Environmental (CWE) is a fast-growing environmental company located in Dayton and Mansfield, Ohio. We are committed to responsible resource conservation and making a cleaner world.   CWE uses innovative technologies to treat diverse streams of liquid materials coming from various chemical plants, refineries, landfills, and manufacturing facilities. However, it does not work with … Read More

Top Reasons to Recycle Recalled Airbags
Airbag recycling

Did You Know?   For the last three decades, airbags have played a vital role in saving the lives of vehicle occupants. According to the NHTSA, from 1987 to 2017frontal airbags alone have saved 50,457 lives.   The massive Takata airbag recall and subsequent smaller recalls created tens of millions of faulty airbags in the … Read More

5 Effective Processes to Treat Wastewater
wastewater treatment

The convenience and ease gifted to us by modern lifestyle products often come with a price. One such common byproduct of it is wastewater. It is unsuitable for human use/consumption and harms the environment when left untreated. It is sourced either from household showers, washers, sewers, or runoff from wet roads and industrial washes.   … Read More

How Airbags Became a Critical Safety Feature in Cars and The Technology Behind Airbags

Driving a car these days is a necessity rather than daily leisure. Since the late 1990s, airbags have become a mandatory safety feature in all US cars, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).   The recent Takata airbag recalls have raised the profile of airbag technology and its functionality as a safety … Read More

The Appeal of Waste Oil Recycling
oil recycling

Do you know waste oil recycling services can minimize your demand for fossil fuel resources? All oil-based components have many uses in households and businesses. From cooking to moving machine parts and maintaining equipment, waste oil has many applications. But unknowingly, it is often discarded after one use in trashcans, on the ground, or into … Read More

CWE’s Historical Involvement in Airbag Disposal/Recycling
Airbag inflator recall

56 million defective airbags are currently under recall because they can explode when deployed. The airbags don’t perform correctly because their materials, particularly their metal components, are defective. Climates with high heat and humidity can make the problem even more dangerous. If these defective airbags explode upon deployment, they can cause serious injury and death. … Read More

What does a Maintenance Position mean in the Environmental Industry?
maintenance jobs

The term ‘maintenance’ includes many activities, including inspection, testing, measurement, replacement, and adjustment. Maintenance has a vital role in reducing the risk associated with the environment industry’s workplace hazards and providing safer and healthier working conditions. Insufficient/inadequate maintenance can cause serious (and potentially deadly) accidents or health problems. The Maintenance position in the Environmental Industry … Read More

Various Jobs in the Industrial Water Treatment Industry
water treatment jobs

The Industrial Water Treatment Industry treats wastewater produced by various industries/organizations. After treatment, the treated wastewater (or effluent) may be reused or released to a sanitary sewer or surface water in the environment.   Various teams work in tandem to process wastewater and render it fit for reuse or disposal.   For a lucrative and fulfilling career in … Read More

What’s Attractive About Being A Tanker Truck Driver At CWE?
Truck driver jobs

People who’ve never been behind the wheel of a big rig often think that truck driving is a tedious job. However, the fact is that a Tanker Truck driving job is challenging and rewarding because it requires a unique skill set. Tanker Truck Driver responsibilities at CWE will include different skills and experiences that other … Read More

5 Career Opportunities for Engineers in the Environmental Industry
Environment industry

From the disposal of wastewater to natural resources collection, humans’ impact on the environment is becoming increasingly apparent. It is where environmental engineers come into play. They work in tandem with the national and State environmental agencies to maintain a clean environment and achieve sustainable growth. Environmental engineers use their skills to design and carry … Read More

Safety Standards That CWE Upholds For All Employees
CWE safety Standards

An unexpected release of hazardous substances, or a substantial hazardous substance release, can pose a significant health and safety risk to workers. Workers encountering hazardous substances at the workplace is a serious safety and health issue that continues to endanger life and environmental quality. To avoid such situations, we at CWE have reinforced acceptable safety … Read More

How to Find Production jobs in the Environmental Industry?
Production Jobs

A production operator uses tools and equipment that assist with manufacturing, packaging, and other procedures along a production line. The duties of a production operator can vary from company to company, some of the duties that a production operator may be expected to handle are: Maintaining the work area to be safe, clean, and organized … Read More

What Are The Job Opportunities Available In The Hazardous Waste Disposal Industry?
Hazardous Waste Disposal

Jobs in the hazardous waste management sub-sector of waste management are multi-disciplinary, since this industry requires employees with different skill sets and professional backgrounds. Occupations in hazardous waste disposal are categorized as:   Management – This category includes professional, technical & skilled trades’ occupations (engineers, technologies, and specialists).These jobs require competencies and skills involving developing and … Read More

Tips To Begin Your Career In Environmental Management?

Environmental management is a systematic approach to find practical ways to save natural resources and handle hazardous substances to reduce negative environmental impacts.   It primarily focuses on controlling, monitoring, and minimizing the negative impacts of human society on the environment.   People who are interested in environmental management work directly with specific industries and … Read More

Innovation and Energy Conservation Success Story
Our Vacom Evaporator

CWE’s Celebrates Increased Capacity thanks to our re-engineered Vacom Evaporator, now on-line at our Mansfield facility. CWE is thrilled to announce a powerful duo of evaporators currently on-line at our Mansfield facility. Our 1st-generation evaporator, a Vacom unit, joins our 2nd-generation evaporator, a Niro unit, already in service at the location, allowing us to process … Read More

Refurbished Turbo Vac unit back in our fleet!
Refurbished Turbo Vac unit

Our newly refurbished Turbo Vac unit is back in our fleet this month after an extensive rebuild. It enters its third incarnation as strong as ever and looking sharp. The Turbo Vac unit is a workhorse of our fleet because it can pump over a long distance (up to 1,000 feet of hose), to get … Read More

Safety and Health Bulletin on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The health and safety of our employees and their family members is our top priority. The world health community continues to monitor closely the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, named “coronavirus disease 2019” (COVID-19). Due to the evidence of the disease in Ohio and seasonal influenza also being widespread, Plant … Read More

Giving Thanks and Giving Back

You know us as Clean Water Environmental, the western Ohio company that offers full-spectrum handling, treatment, and disposal (or recycling if appropriate) of wastewater, hazardous waste, airbags, and oil. During this holiday season, we’d like to talk about some of the things we’re thankful for, and how we choose to give back to our communities. … Read More

We Make Audits Easier (Honestly, We Do!)

It’s audit season and many of you are racing to complete your audits before winter weather arrives.  We know audits are mandatory and they can often feel like drudgery.  Clean Water Environmental strives to make your audits more like a field trip and less like a painful item on your to-do list.  Here are some … Read More

A CWE Announcement

CWE Celebrates its Second Anniversary – Since emerging under new ownership as Clean Water Environmental (CWE) in September 2017, we have been hard at work restructuring both operationally and structurally. We’ve made significant investments into our facilities and have completed some restructuring so that we can better serve our clients, communities and the environment. Although … Read More

Continuing to Improve Ohio’s Wastewater Infrastructure

Investing in enhancing wastewater practices and infrastructure is important for water quality, human health, our environment, and our quality of life. Not only is the Ohio EPA participating in wastewater advancements, but private companies are as well, such as Clean Water Environmental (CWE). CWE is dedicated to continually seeking new and better ways to serve … Read More

Why Businesses Succeed When They Invest in Their Local Community

Within the last decade, studies have progressively shown that businesses who invest in their local community are more likely to succeed. According to the recent The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s Community Involvement Study (2019), companies are increasingly adding community involvement as part of their strategic business plan, as it can “deepen employee engagement, … Read More

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