Industrial Wastewater Treatment 101 – How Is Industrial Wastewater Handled?

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial companies that produce wastewater as part of their business process need to meet discharge regulations and follow safety precautions. The process of properly treating their wastewater avoids any harm to the facility’s products or process, human health, and the environment. It also helps avoid fines and possible legal action if wastewater is improperly discharged…

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How Can Data & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Optimize and Improve Wastewater Treatment Systems?


Treating wastewater is essential to protecting both public health and the environment. Most businesses and homes send their wastewater to a treatment plant where pollutants are removed from the water.   Wastewater treatment facilities in the US can process approximately 34 billion gallons of wastewater every day.   Some wastewater and water plants in the…

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5 Effective Processes to Treat Wastewater

The convenience and ease gifted to us by modern lifestyle products often come with a price. One such common byproduct of it is wastewater. It is unsuitable for human use/consumption and harms the environment when left untreated. It is sourced either from household showers, washers, sewers, or runoff from wet roads and industrial washes. Luckily,…

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Various Jobs in the Industrial Water Treatment Industry

The Industrial Water Treatment Industry treats wastewater produced by various industries/organizations. After treatment, the treated wastewater (or effluent) may be reused or released to a sanitary sewer or surface water in the environment. Various teams work in tandem to process wastewater and render it fit for reuse or disposal. For a lucrative and fulfilling career in the water…

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Continuing to Improve Ohio’s Wastewater Infrastructure

Investing in enhancing wastewater practices and infrastructure is important for water quality, human health, our environment, and our quality of life. Not only is the Ohio EPA participating in wastewater advancements, but private companies are as well, such as Clean Water Environmental (CWE). CWE is dedicated to continually seeking new and better ways to serve its clients,…

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