Top Nine HR Goals of Midsize and Small Companies

HR Goals

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the American workforce, and as we enter our second year of a changed hiring and employee landscape, Human Resource priorities in 2022 look very different than they did even five years ago. For small to mid-size companies, nine priorities rise to the top, including: prioritize employee well-being, nurture and promote…

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How Does Waste Management Software Help?

waste management software

Global waste disposal has become increasingly complex in the last few decades. Additionally, across most countries there has been an increasing emphasis on compliance as stricter and more specific standards and protocols for waste disposal are instituted. Waste management software has been created to help firms track all the elements involved in the business of…

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Lean Water 101

Lean Water

Lean water is contaminated with organic pollutants. Organic compounds like solvents, herbicides, pesticides, PCBs, heterocyclic, aliphatic, and aromatic hydrocarbons are included in lean water from agricultural and industrial production.   The lean water discharged by many industries contains complex organic pollutants with a high concentration of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended solids (SS). Municipal…

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment 101 – How Is Industrial Wastewater Handled?

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial companies that produce wastewater as part of their business process need to meet discharge regulations and follow safety precautions. The process of properly treating their wastewater avoids any harm to the facility’s products or process, human health, and the environment. It also helps avoid fines and possible legal action if wastewater is improperly discharged…

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Ways to Convert Hazardous Waste into Energy

Hazardous Waste Into Energy

Did you know that we produce around 13 tons of hazardous waste every second?   Yes, that’s right! A single person creates about 130 pounds of hazardous waste every year, and the amount is increasing annually. In just one generation, the earth’s production of man-made chemicals has increased by 40,000% to 400 million tons.   We are…

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How Can Data & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Optimize and Improve Wastewater Treatment Systems?


Treating wastewater is essential to protecting both public health and the environment. Most businesses and homes send their wastewater to a treatment plant where pollutants are removed from the water.   Wastewater treatment facilities in the US can process approximately 34 billion gallons of wastewater every day.   Some wastewater and water plants in the…

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