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Clean Water Environmental

Clean Water Environmental (CWE) provides a full range of environmental services and support for industry and government, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste water treatment, used oil recycling, solvent recovery, solidification, transportation, and analytical services, as well as RCRA Part B TSDF. 

Clean Water Environmental operates in compliance with the strict Waste Analysis and Acceptance Plan that details operational procedures for collection, receipt and processing of waste water and materials. Clean Water Environmental's management team will work with you to create an accurate evaluation of your total waste picture in an effort to maximize environmental and cost efficiencies.

Clean Water Environmental's strategic Ohio locations, Dayton and Mansfield, help to reduce transportation costs while our new modern facilities assure quality handling of your wastewater streams. 

As discharge regulations change, it is important for all Facility and Environmental Managers to implement the best technology to effectively deal with responsible handling of wastewater streams. The Clean Water Environmental process has multiple environmental and economic values when it is utilized as your waste water solution. The oil is recovered and reused in an industrial fuels program, and the water is recovered and reused in an industrial water program.

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