CWE is Hiring for Process Engineer & Mechanical Engineer Positions

Clean Water Environmental (CWE) is a fast-growing environmental company located in Dayton and Mansfield, Ohio. We are committed to responsible resource conservation and making a cleaner world.

CWE uses innovative technologies to treat diverse streams of liquid materials coming from various chemical plants, refineries, landfills, and manufacturing facilities. However, it does not work with municipal wastewater. Disposal of recalled airbags is a recent addition to our service offerings.

At CWE, you can find a safe workplace with a collaborative work culture celebrating a diverse workforce. A career with us allows you to contribute towards a clean, sustainable environment. Here, you can use/explore your unique skills to protect the environment and make the world a better place.

Check out these two positions if you are looking forward to being part of the CWE family and enjoying a fulfilling career.

Process Engineer

A process engineer creates, develops, and implements various operational processes that reduce costs but maintains standards.

Job Responsibilities of a Process Engineer

  • Evaluate the current material handling process
  • Recommend improvements to ensure better efficiency
  • Develop and write material test plans
  • Review test data/report and perform activities like design allowable calculations, equivalency determinations, and failure mode analysis.
  • Devise new approaches to problems detected and perform conventional engineering practices.
  • Consult with stakeholders and implement methods/modifications to reduce production costs
  • Provide technical guidance, maintain knowledge of best practices in manufacturing methods, and apply them to give the company a competitive edge.

Competencies Required

If you want to apply for the job, you must:

  • Be innovative and have the ability to think creatively
  • Understand operations and machinery to increase its efficiency
  • Have knowledge of math and physics to assess complex issues
  • Have excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Be able to work, collaborate, and lead teams of diverse staff effectively
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and related software
  • Have excellent organizational and focusing skills to understand applicable industry standards
  • Have strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Physical Demands

The job can be physically demanding, so you must be able to:

  • Navigate all areas in the facility and access all machinery
  • Endure prolonged hours of sitting and working on a computer
  • Lift 15 pounds at a time

Required Education & Experience

  • You must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering or a related field along with 5-years of relevant experience
  • It is preferable if you have experience in project management
  • It will be an added advantage if you have expertise with airbags
  • Added advantage if you have a Professional Engineering (PE) license


CWE has been in business for more than 75 years, and many of its employees serving for more than 20 years still feel secure working with the company. Apart from competitive wages, training, and workplace safety, CWE provides you benefits like

  • 401K Benefits
  • Paid Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Potential Bonus
  • Health and Dental Benefits

Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer executes and reviews the mechanical designs for existing and new facilities construction, repairs, upgrades, and recommissioning of existing facilities. You will work as a team member or independently presenting drawings, specifications, and submittal reviews.

Job Responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer

  • Provide creative solutions to meet company needs and lead problem-solving efforts to bring multiple projects to closure
  • Support in design-related projects and work on technical assignments in the office and on the field
  • Create workload plans, design analyses, and construction documents
  • Collaborate and coordinate with engineering teams, equipment vendors, installation contractors, project heads, and operations
  • Work with the project teams to examine and resolve issues in existing designs and prepare corrective drawings as per given instructions
  • Carry out mechanical, piping, and plumbing system drawing development. Also, develop schematics, plan drawings, elevation views, section views, P & ID, P & FD, specifications, and installation details
  • Design/redesign multiple layouts and drawings from broad sketches or written and verbal specifications from project team members
  • Review drawings provided by vendors
  • Create exhibits and documents for presentations and reports
  • Adhere to discipline-specific AutoCAD and design standards for developing various design requirements and executing facility design
  • Conduct field verification of designs before/during/after construction
  • Assist with selection of system equipment and components whenever needed
  • Redline leading plan production efforts
  • Be committed to creating a sustainable environment

Competencies Required

If you want to apply for the job, you must have:

  • General electrical knowledge
  • Willingness/Flexibility to work (as per requirement) for extended business hours
  • Ability to work in a collaborative workplace culture and uphold positivity
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Ability to read and understand technical and environmental information
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities, demonstrate adaptability, and contribute towards a forward-thinking workplace

Work Environment

The job of a mechanical engineer requires you to work continuously in an environment with potential noise, dust, rain, hot and cold temperatures. It also requires you to endure climbing, walking, and lifting as basic daily requirements.

Physical Demands

The job can be physically taxing, so you must be able to

  • Stand or walk for long hours
  • Climb at places related to operations (limited climbing)
  • Lift 50 pounds

Required Education & Experience

  • The role requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • You must have 10-years+ experience related to
    • Design, DDC, SCADA
    • Faculties utility systems and distribution compressed air
    • Process cooling water, Chilled water, and Centrifugal chillers
    • Gas distribution and Steam boilers
    • Fluid transfer, Thermal transfer, and Energy efficiency
  • You must also have some experience in a leadership or management position
  • You must be skilled in MS Office (Word/Excel), and if you have proficiency in AutoCAD, it will be preferred
  • You must have knowledge and experience in piping and plumbing systems, design/drafting, and general electrical systems
  • You must also have proven experience in planning production and creating building design projects
  • The role requires you to have familiarity with local government permitting codes related to utilities, fire protection, and plumbing
  • The job also requires you to know various international mechanical, fuel gas, plumbing, building, and energy conservation codes
  • You must have a strong understanding of building and NFPA
  • You must possess a valid driver’s license and pass a background and drug test
  • Current Professional Engineers (PE Mechanical) preferred


CWE takes a keen interest in workplace safety and follows all federal and state safety and security regulations. The company provides equal opportunity for employment to all employees and applicants for the job without any discrimination. Working with CWE gets you industry competitive pay along with benefits like

  • 401K Benefits
  • Paid Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Potential Bonus
  • Health and Dental Benefits


If you love a green environment and are interested in assisting CWE to make a cleaner world, you can do it through these rewarding positions in the environmental industry. Apply now for the position of process engineer and mechanical engineer. If you are looking for more career opportunities with CWE, see our open jobs now.

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