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Tips To Begin Your Career In Environmental Management?

Environmental management is a systematic approach to find practical ways to save natural resources and handle hazardous substances to reduce negative environmental impacts.


It primarily focuses on controlling, monitoring, and minimizing the negative impacts of human society on the environment.


People who are interested in environmental management work directly with specific industries and businesses that believe in saving the environment. Joining such organizations ensures that you are making positive contributions toward ecological preservation. Many people prefer to work for government agencies, renewable energy agencies, and major green technology development organizations for the same reason.


Why ‘environmental management’ is necessary? 

Environmental management is required for development without destruction or overuse of natural resources and to reduce pollution and degradation of nature. The reality is that it is the need of the hour. The world we live in has reached a point where the environment and ecological balance are in crisis. If it continues, it will have a disastrous effect on our planet.

Tips to get environmental jobs in Dayton, Ohio

If you are passionate about environmental issues and looking to start a career dedicated to changing the world for the better, here are some tips/questions that can help you land an environmental job in Dayton, Ohio:

 #1. Do you have what it takes?

The chances of achieving incredible opportunities and promotions are limitless in an environmental management career. If you are planning to pursue it only for financial rewards and prestige, this isn’t the right path for you. While the environmental management field can be lucrative, you cannot achieve it without a vested interest in the environment. You should be passionate, dedicated, and willing to do whatever it takes to do the right thing.

 #2. What will you do in an Environmental management career? 

This field focuses on conservation, preservation, and regulation of the environment, and you will be working with people to help prevent environmental damage. Being an expert in the management of environmental projects, you can also create new products and solutions to prevent environmental degradation or manage projects that positively impact the environment. You may also help discover ways to prevent further ecological damage, clean up protected areas, and preserve natural resources.


Some of the other duties that you might be handling in your environmental career in Dayton, Ohio:

  • Organizing, creating and executing environmental strategies
  • Creating a plan of action that allows sustainable business development
  • Overseeing procuration of supplies, equipment, and services
  • Go to meetings and provide consultation on ecological problems
  • Ensuring corporate compliance as per the services offered
  • Setting up helpful public policies and practices
  • General promotion of the importance of environmental awareness
  • Intensive environmental research and analysis
  • Developing greener alternatives for existing standards

 #3. Do you have a diploma or degree in the environmental field?

A diploma or bachelor’s degree in an environmental field can help you with understanding environmental regulations and projects. Usually, organizations offering environmental jobs in Dayton, Ohio, ask for computer experience with an understanding of database programs, spreadsheets, and word processing software to create technical reports. A certification may help you prove your knowledge and skills as well. Various agencies offer certifications in environmental management, including:


 The National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP) provides several certifications that apply to many different careers in environmental management ( The NREP offers the following certifications and designations:

  • Associate Environmental Professional
  • Certified Environmental Auditor
  • Registered Environmental Property Assessor
  • Certified Environmental Systems Manager


The Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP)offers two certification options for environmental management professionals (

  • The Environmental Professional Intern (EPI) – This designation is for beginner professionals wishing to earn the Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) designation. The EPI provides certification of your general knowledge in the field of environmental science.
  • The QEP allows you to prove your abilities to solve environmental problems and professional issues within the field.

#4. Look out for voluntary jobs

Once you get your degree, it is time for you to find a voluntary role to gain real-world experience. Volunteering can help you develop skillsets and knowledge that are relevant to the industry. It will also show that you are committed to developing a career and making a difference.


It will help you keep updated on the environmental news and developments. It will also help you make connections with influential people who can give you insights on landing an environmental job in Dayton, Ohio. So try to attend every relevant event that happens related to environmental safety – whether it’s a volunteer day, conference, fundraising, or a workshop.

#6. Sign up for environmental news, jobs sites, and follow social media channels

Landing your desired job requires you to stay up-to-date on topical issues and news, which can be incredibly helpful in an interview situation. Subscriptions to environmental news websites can help you get opportunities that you might not get if you subscribe to a non-relevant website. You can also visit job websites such as or to search for your dream job. Also, don’t forget to follow the social media pages of the organizations where you want to apply. It could give you an advantage in landing an environmental job in Dayton, Ohio.

#7. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone

Taking a risk is the best way to develop your knowledge and demonstrate your skills. If you feel that you have the skills to do a job well, then take a risk and apply for it! Don’t lose hope because other applicants might be more experienced – you never know what might click, and you get the job you are looking for. Remember that genuine commitment and passion are as important as experience!

We hope some of the tips we mentioned above help you start your career in Environmental management. Want to learn more about environmental careers in Dayton, Ohio? Get in touch with us at 833JOINCWE.

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