Refurbished Turbo Vac Unit Back In Our Fleet!

Our newly refurbished Turbo Vac unit is back in our fleet this month after an extensive rebuild. It enters its third incarnation as strong as ever and looking sharp. The Turbo Vac unit is a workhorse of our fleet because it can pump over a long distance (up to 1,000 feet of hose), to get far into buildings with no door access to the outside. It can also pull sludges and other semi-liquid materials that challenge a normal pumper truck. Our Turbo Vac unit’s truck has a rear door that opens, and the entire assembly can lift, to dump any portion of its load that will not pump off thru the valves. The unit travels with its own on-board power washer that delivers 7,500 psi. It also carries its own supply of 250 gallons of water for power washing, when a water supply is not readily available.As a disposal facility, CWE finds it very beneficial to operate this unit. The Turbo Vac helps clients whose tanks slowly accumulate solids that regular pumper trucks leave behind. Once or twice a year, we schedule a “spring cleaning” visit with the Turbo Vac unit to remove those sludges or solids. This saves customers from having to hire a new, unfamiliar specialty cleaning company to come out just to tackle what’s accumulated.

For the equipment geeks in our audience, a few fun facts on the rebuild:

  • As a testament to precision engineering, its high-end Kaiser AG (based in Liechtenstein) pump has never required a re-build.
  • The Vac pulls 2,700 cfm through a 6-inch valve, and because it’s a “liquid ring” system, it’s safe for flammable materials.
  • The original vehicle was bought new in 2000 from Keith Huber Corporation (the manufacturer).
  • The Vac’s double cyclones got a rebuild, and all electric and hydraulic systems were completely rebuilt with new lines throughout the system.
  • The Vac’s on-board power washer was also rebuilt, with all new accessories.
  • The Vac assembly sits on one of our new Kenworth power units (built in Chillicothe, Ohio), which was purchased about a year ago.

If you have any vacuum needs that our Turbo Vac can help with, please contact us for more information and a quote. Our prices are extremely competitive.

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