It’s audit season and many of you are racing to complete your audits before winter weather arrives.  We know audits are mandatory and they can often feel like drudgery.  Clean Water Environmental strives to make your audits more like a field trip and less like a painful item on your to-do list.  Here are some of the ways we provide concierge-level audit services to our customers, to make the process fast, easy, (and possibly even enjoyable!)

Compliance is serious business in our industry, we get it. We’ll provide everything you need for your audit, during both the checklist and tour portions of your visit. We try to anticipate every question you’ll have and every document you’ll need to see or verify, and we have those packets of information ready for you on the conference room table upon arrival.

During the office portion of your visit, we provide you with a detailed Facility History and Description.  Our Permits, Authorizations, Registrations, and Licenses are clearly compiled so you don’t have to go hunting for that information.  Our Facility Standards include our protocols for hazardous waste, non-hazardous used oils, wastewater, and transportation.  The Standards also provide details on facility security; inspections; ignitable, reactive, and incompatible waste; personnel training; and waste analysis.  We clearly spell out our Financial Assurance statements. And we corral our General Company Information and Key Personnel for you.



During the walk-through portion of your visit, we’re happy to stop our tour anywhere within the facility so you can engage with our operators, ask technical questions, learn about the specifics of how we do something or why we do it a particular way, and ask “what about” or “what if?” We’re a completely transparent company, so ask away!

To us, your audit visit is an integral part of our long-term relationship. We value your partnership and want to make this necessary task as easy and efficient as possible. Maybe you’ll end up spending far less time in our facility than you anticipated, and you can put those unexpected hours to good use checking something else off your to-do list. Maybe if the check-list gets filled out faster than you expect, and we have more time to walk through the facility, you’ll discover a burning question on the tour or learn something interesting or new or useful that you can take back to your offices and daily routine.

Every client’s audit needs are different. Our customer base runs from small owner-operators to large multi-national companies. Let us use our deep knowledge base and fierce commitment to customer service to streamline your audit process. To find out more about how this could work for your company, click here and fill out our inquiry form at the bottom of the page to request our pre-audit package, or to schedule a guided site visit with one of our team members.

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