CWE Celebrates its Second Anniversary –

Since emerging under new ownership as Clean Water Environmental (CWE) in September 2017, we have been hard at work restructuring both operationally and structurally. We’ve made significant investments into our facilities and have completed some restructuring so that we can better serve our clients, communities and the environment. Although we are celebrating our second anniversary as CWE, our Dayton facility has been around since 1941.


The Story that Built our Company

The organization was founded in 1941 as Clark Oil Company, Inc. As part of the World War II effort, the Dayton facility collected and recycled used oil, tires and batteries. Used oils were blended with off-specification virgin fuel oils on a small-scale basis and sold to asphalt plants as fuel. The Used Oil Fuel product that was made during that time is still produced and sold by the Dayton facility to this very day.

Below is a brief timeline how our company expanded its services, learned from new ownership and so much more:

  • 1986: Technological process improvements occurred during this time period, as well as facility upgrades and renovations to accommodate and properly manage larger used oil volumes.
  • 1989: We began accepting hazardous waste streams for energy recovery (Fuels Blending).
  • 1992: Wastewater treatment capabilities were upgraded. Our company designed a treatment plant around two ultrafiltration units, a system designed to manage three million gallons of wastewater per month.
  • 1994: The facility received approval to accept and treat RCRA characteristic hazardous wastewater contaminated with heavy metals (RCRA D004-D011).
  • 1995: We received the Ohio Hazardous Waste Facility Installation and Operation Permit (Part B Permit). Shortly after, we were issued the federal portion of the Hazardous Waste Facility Installation and Operation Permit.
  • 2008: Our organization discarded the ultrafiltration units in exchange for a Dissolved Air Filtration (DAF) based treatment system in Dayton. The technology included the use of Niro Thin Film Evaporators to treat industrial wastewaters.
  • 2017: The assets of the company, minus the original facility in Columbus, Ohio, were sold to HD Special Solutions LLC and Clean Water Environmental (CWE) was born.

To read more about our robust history, click here.


Becoming Industry Leaders of the Future

Backed by almost 80 years’ experience with state, local and federal regulations, innovative technology and safe transportation, Clean Water Environmental, continues to be an industry leader in wastewater treatment, hazardous waste management and industrial recycling. Within the last year alone, our organization has:

  • dramatically increased sales with an even higher increase projected for 2020;
  • grown its labor force by 50%; and
  • launched our newest service: the industry’s most ecological process for the safe destruction of recalled airbag inflators.

As CWE thinks about our future, we are excited to continue to push the boundaries of industry leadership. CWE is wholly dedicated to providing treatment, storage, disposal, recycling and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials with the high level of responsibility required for their ultimate disposition. Safety, compliance and sustainability for the environment are at the foundation of all CWE operations.

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