Continuing to Improve Ohio’s Wastewater Infrastructure

Investing in enhancing wastewater practices and infrastructure is important for water quality, human health, our environment, and our quality of life. Not only is the Ohio EPA participating in wastewater advancements, but private companies are as well, such as Clean Water Environmental (CWE). CWE is dedicated to continually seeking new and better ways to serve its clients, its industry and our planet, by developing new technologies, acquiring expert talent and fostering collaborations.

For the past ten years, the Ohio EPA has invested nearly $260 million in wastewater treatment programs within Ohio communities through their state revolving fund (SRF). SRF loans are “provided to communities to build and/or upgrade wastewater and drinking water infrastructure, upgrade home sewage treatment systems, better manage storm water, address combined sewer overflows and implement other water quality-related projects.” The advancements in the infrastructure continue to make a great impact on the greater community.


Privately Held Wastewater Facilities Improve Their Water Output Through Technology

Dedicated to the advancement of wastewater treatment programs, most privately held wastewater companies continue to pursue ways to better its systems for more water output by using less energy. By becoming more energy efficient, these corporations are reducing air pollution and GHG emissions, reducing energy costs, protecting public health, and extending the life of their infrastructure. How are they becoming more energy efficient? With the help of technology. In the past, wastewater treatment systems depended on individuals to manage its procedures. Today, computers can monitor the flow rate of wastewater and adjust accordingly in any given situation. The innovation in wastewater technology is just beginning. The EPA has a resource that helps companies hone their wastewater practices by providing a database with current research of recent advancements. Learn how CWE is focusing their efforts on improving the science of their Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units to better its water output.


Thermal Water Treatment – Wave of the Future?

Working towards additional efficient practices that better our environment is thermal water treatment, a recent trend in the wastewater community. This technology is so energy efficient, that it uses its own steam to heat the waste in wastewater in its first pass, allowing the system to achieve maximum energy efficiency. It can also handle hazardous waste as well. CWE’s Thermal Clean Technology recently tripled its compacity. To learn more, click here.

Keeping water quality infrastructure safe and reliable takes innovation, awareness and investments. To learn more about how the Ohio EPA and CWE is investing in wastewater infrastructure, please click here.

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